10 Best Healthcare Apps for Patients

As we all know, digitalization remarkably increased humanity’s life level. The first computer was a huge breakthrough of its time. Nowadays, the online world expanded to all areas of our lives and fitted into a small smartphone. No wonder everyday apps are becoming increasingly useful and thus important to every modern person. Like every other industry, the Healthcare field is also digitizing, creating incredible products which make life easier for millions of people. Today we will review some applications that provided the best healthcare decisions for people or gained great popularity worldwide. By analyzing the benefits of healthcare apps, you can come up with your unique idea and join the fast-developing industry.

What is a healthcare app?

Before deep diving into our review, let’s define healthcare, eHealth, and MedTech applications. What is their purpose? Those types of applications are made to help people manage physical & mental health. For a clearer understanding, we will divine our top healthcare apps for patients in categories.

Tracker and reminder apps

Some people say a habit develops in 21 days, some stand longer. However, there is an easier and more comfortable way to do things. Tracker and reminder apps will not only let you forget about doing something but also analyze your total result and even more.

1) Water Drink Reminder

People are made of water. We need water to stay healthy and beautiful. However, many people still have a problem with not drinking enough water, which can cause illnesses like headaches or worse. The Water Drink Reminder app helps make a habit and stay hydrated all the time by tracking the water quantity a person drinks a day. It lets a user set a desirable daily water amount, add various water cups and appoint hours you don’t want to receive notifications that are usually sent a couple of times a day to fulfill the daily norm.

2) Flo

Every woman at least once in her life had thought that it would very practical to have her period calendar always at hand. In fact, many women already use and love period trackers, and the Flo app has become one of their favorites for several reasons. Flo is way beyond a simple period and symptom tracker, it’s an online consultant that helps women to keep their sexual health and life in good condition. Flo analyzes all women’s period information and provides reports about changes, including personal advice or healthcare insights. It answers most women’s questions, like “when can I expect my next period” or “why is my period late” and gives access to online courses with experts discussing women’s health. So Flo works more as a friend app that provides you with the right information, pleasant design, and useful UX.

3) Sleep Cycle

Good sleep is the key to a happy and healthy life. Sometimes it’s hard to remember how many hours you really dedicated to sleeping. Sleep Cycle is a perfect app for those who want to improve their sleep. It tracks the number of sleeping hours the user had, provides alarms, and records the user during sleep, so he can listen to the sounds that may disturb him during his sleep. It also allows users to fall asleep to white noise, pleasant music, or meditation.

4) StepsApp Pedometer

We all know that physical activity keeps our body and mind in good condition, and walking is the simplest way to work out. StepsApp Pedometer is a comfy walk tracker that helps users see their daily walking activity. It works without an internet connection and shows the burned quantity of calories.

So, as you can see, simple apps can become very useful for everyone if they give a certain value. Sometimes such apps may work way more effectively than those complicated ones.

Medical apps for patients

eHealth apps are created specifically for some types of patients to track their overall health. They provide users with specific information about their illnesses or help make medical records for their doctors. We can also include in this category apps that support communication between doctors and patients.

5) Beetis

According to International Diabetes Federation, 9.3% of the whole population had diabetes in 2019. This is a huge number. Beetis app is a diabetes diary developed specifically for diabetics’ needs. Beetis lets track all the required metrics in a simple way, like monitoring blood sugar or managing glucose levels. It helps calculate bread units, add dishes in the app, and set medical reminders to write indicators or to make an injection. Moreover, it allows sharing all the graphics, analytics, and records with the doctor right in the app and gives access to the results to the user’s observer, like the family member. This is very helpful in cases of medical emergencies.

6) StressCoach

In recent years, people realized that mental health is as worthy as physical health. Many individuals started visiting psychologists, and mental health apps, fortunately, have become the norm in our current society. However, some people do not really enjoy sharing their problems with someone else, like a doctor. StressCoach is a self-help application that was created to let every human being receive mental help and learn how to manage mental problems by themselves. It provides its users with a course picked specifically for them after passing the test, where they will learn how to cope with stress and reduce anxiety with the help of proven techniques based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. StressCoach lets prevent burn-outs by measuring stress levels and giving the right advice on dealing with them.

7) Heartify: Heart Health Monitor

Heartify: Heart Health Monitor is a very comfortable blood pressure diary. It lets the patient add his blood pressure results and shows if the user’s record is within the normal range or not. This app displays the average history and makes it easy to share with a doctor or a close person. It also provides users with important information about human health and blood pressure.


eHealth, mHealth, or medical healthcare apps are very important to society because they make some patient’s life much easier.

Wellness apps

Wellness apps or healthy lifestyle apps are made for everyone. They help every person stay healthier in their daily routine. 

8) Home Workout

Home Workout is one of the most popular workout applications in the world. It analyzes users’ information, like weight, type of figure, and desirable results, and creates a personalized workout plan. It fits both those who want to lose weight healthy and those who need to build muscles. Users can pick the area they want to work on most and where they’ll work out: home or gym. It also connects with different fitness tracking devices.

9) Calorie counter by FatSecret

Calorie counter is a nutrition app to track calories and improve your healthy eating. This mobile health app lets users add dishes (even by photo), calculate daily results, and track activity by adding exercises to see the amount of burned-out calories. Users can also set notifications to not pass the meal. Calorie counter has a great food database and provides delicious recipes or dieting advice.

10) Strava: Run, Ride, Hike

Strava is a perfect app for increasing the activity in your life. This application analyzes the area and provides you with the best tracks for running, bike riding, and hiking. It lets you record your discovered paths and connects you with your friends by showing them their favorite tracks or sharing yours with them. It also has a tracker for activity and displays your progress.

As you can see, healthcare apps can actually influence our life in a very good way. They help us create habits, care about ourselves, and even support us during illnesses. You can use this review for encounter inspiration and maybe create your unique best health tracking app or best diet app. Discover different ideas in the digital medicine industry and find your own motivation.


Created by Avgustyna Loiek