Today the market is flexible and diverse. When you want to buy this or that IT product, a wide choice of options opens up for you. Digital agencies, web-studios, advertising agencies – they all provide approximately equal quality products, and the last depends on. It all depends on your request and solvency. And everything would be fine, but there is the form of an alternative – freelancing. Freelancers are often talented professionals who can create a useful product and meet the requirements of the market. But is a freelancer always a worthy replacement for an agency? We don’t discredit but give a couple of arguments in favor of the latter.


Agencies collect an entire pool of competencies in various areas of IT and management in their team. A single freelancer can not own such a set of skills and experience.

Most often, he is a specialist in one field. Step to the right, step to the left – he can already get confused. You can not entrust the freelancer and the creation of the site, and its technical support, and advertising promotion at the same time. He needs to stamp new sites to new customers, this is normal practice. The agency will be able to connect the necessary specialist to your project to close the task at any time. They will help you to see the whole picture and approach.


The agency will not learn from your project, but will immediately show the result and teach you how to measure it. We doubt that you as a modern businessman have time and desire to be experimental in the hands of a freelancer stuffing a portfolio. What could be done in a day can take a week, because “it is necessary to protest”. And imagine how on Friday evening you are desperately trying to reach the freelancer and present the edits. And there is no website to leave an angry review. Some agencies do this too, but to get to those who are able to melt into the air in the middle of the project, the chances are slim. With the agency, you will quickly establish communication, because this process is more important for it. So it is better to give preference to experience and a reliable name.


The reputation of agencies is usually clear in the network. You can read reviews of real customers and understand how they work.

Plus, there is always the opportunity to check social networks, where is clear information and sometimes more than anywhere else. Freelancer can not always boast such openness, unfortunately. You won’t be able to get to his house for a cup of coffee to discuss the project. But agencies, if geography allows, will never deny a meeting on their territory – most have an office. In our time, this is an absolutely optional step of communication, but in which case, you have the address and you can ask for it.