Nothing is as good as the furious and lively development of digital design. Let’s talk about the main trends of this year right now.


It would seem that this trend has been so popular in recent years and should already blur the user`s eye, but no. In 2019 designers continue to amaze. After all, our eyes are not that tired, they crave new striking combinations of colors. Light shades will prevail, and color minimalism will unfold from a new side, without demanding restraint. Now, this concept will also get brighter colors that can still fit organically into the concept of minimalism.


In a constant effort to stand out from competitors, brands and designers are increasingly experimenting with form. The more the image forces to make the user’s fantasy work is better. The most unexpected geometry is the 2019`s must-have.


With the increasing relevance of video and animated content, even the images come alive and filled with dynamics. In 2019 we see new design tricks that create an even deeper impression of the dynamic image. The cinemagraph (image with dynamic part) that has already conquered users in 2018 will be developed. Another trending feature is an image that seems to be frozen for a second in its endless stream of movement.


This trend has actively developed in 2018, but today it grows even more. Designers will be more courageous to apply the gradient and halftones, not only for the background or individual elements of the image. There is a new technology, allowing to perform the work with the maximum number of semitones and fill them with all the picture details. It will be hypnotically, not otherwise.


Freehand illustrations are becoming very popular. As if someone painted a full picture on canvas and miraculously placed it, for example, on your website. These images will be the most unique and creative manifestations of your brand. They will force the user to peer into every detail and experience true emotions.

Everyone loves fonts. And who says he does not love, loves even more! Perhaps the surest way to show individuality in design is to create stylish typography. In 2019 you can safely experiment with form and contrasting fonts. And, of course, do not forget about the obligatory presence of bright and interesting colors.


This trend continues to conquer the user`s love. Not only fragments of sites, applications and banners will become animated, but identities too. In 2019 you will easily be able to afford an animated logo – and you can’t go wrong. The main thing is to think over its behavior at different communication platforms.


“Less is definitely more!” – the creatives say. Negative space will be especially actively used in web and application design. The essence of this technique is the effective use of space inside and outside the main content.


This trend is a small unobtrusive animation, used mainly on mobile platforms to create subtle visual effects. In 2019 designers will add hidden animations to each interface element. This trend is designed to simplify the user experience and create maximum convenience.

In our days a competent and stylish design of the business is must-have. Trends dictate how you should look tomorrow. But to follow them is quite simple, you only need to entrust your design project to a professional team.