You may hear that to build a successful business you need to make a great product. Something people love and adore. It’s obvious that you don’t know if your solution is something people want until it hits the market. But if we talk about IT-products, there are some principles and generally accepted approaches to its creation. You can’t just design project and throw in front of the user, without taking care of his comfort, learnability and the benefits of this particular product for him. There’s a way to prepare a product before launch. Let’s look at the most common and important aspects together.

4 true tips to make a good product:


In the design of IT-products accessibility is maybe the most important thing to take care of. It’s deeply the right thing to do because some developers don’t understand how accessibility improves and simplifies people’s lives.

Now visual designers and developers often encounter such an important thing as interactive design. It’s about deciding what happens next when the user clicks or hits.

Also, they encounter information architecture. It’s figuring out how things should be organized for a user in the best way.


“Making every page or screen self-evident is like having good lighting in a store: it just makes everything seem better”, – Steve Krug, author of “Don’t make me think”

In the concept of correct work with user interactions, a user of average ability and experience can figure out how to use your product with no trouble. It’s pretty simple to care about your clients if you know how to do it professionally. Usability is always about people. It’s about how they understand and use things, not about technology.


If something demands a huge investment of time or looks like it will, you can be sure it’s less likely to be used. A problem is the links and buttons that are not definitely activated. Why user should guess himself can he click on them or not? Don`t waste a second of user interaction in doubt. It is critical to learn the power of saying no and it is important to achieve harmonious interaction with the user. Read more about this in our article on this topic.


When you go on the Google page, the only thing you can do is to start searching: you enter a specific search request into the search bar. Simplicity is sexy.

Don’t afraid to remove unimportant details or functions from your interface. Even when they seem to you to be valuable now.

Everything can change after the first a/b test of your website or app. You will see what is important and pertinently and what is not. To achieve the proper quality you need to do a serious cleaning of product design.

To achieve all of the above, you must build a strong product organization. You need the right people in the right roles in order to conduct your user testing, define the features, iterate on development and coordinate the process. It is always defiant to make the products people want, but it’s worth it.