How to Find and Test App Ideas: A Step-by-Step Guide

It is not a secret that nowadays, people value time and usefulness. They want fast and right solutions for their requests. The only thing that most people carry with them around all the time is their phones. How is this information necessary for your business? As app stores play an important role in our lives, the great application may give your company second life or become a profitable first business. But how to develop an app? So, before creating the app from scratch, you actually need to come up with ideas for an app. Use the following steps.

Ask yourself questions

Some best app ideas can come unexpectedly, like during some crisis when you face problems needing solutions. However, more often, you must push your thoughts with the right questions, like the ones below.

Those questions, with their variations, will help you find the right direction you want to go.

Analyze the App Store and Google Play

It is not a secret that sometimes you do not need to develop a bicycle, you can just improve it. Take your time to scroll in application stores and analyze modern trends. Turn your attention to app ratings to discover the most popular ones, and think about how you can be unique with a similar idea. Make notes on apps you felt the lack of or didn’t find in stores. Those notices will help you find a new niche to work in or enhance already developed ones and come up with top paid app ideas.

Exprole the trends

Every industry has its trends. Sometimes they might be general for most fields. Read about the newest trends. Follow the most popular influencers in the field or great business people, like Elon Musk, to keep up with the times and predict recent trends. Visit business conferences and other events to get inspiration. Find the most interesting news portals and check them often to stay modern with your ideas. You may also contain different investor and startup websites to discover what is getting funded. This information will help you realize which ideas have great potential to be in demand.

Ask your Target Group

Remember the first step? It’s time to survey your potential users. Ask them similar questions you’ve asked yourself before. This survey lets you see if other people also struggle with problems you thought about or give you new ideas.

Evaluate the app ideas

Analyze all gathered information. Provide research on each topic and idea you have, and validate all app ideas. Pick the most promising ones and deepen your research. 

After great brainstorming, coming best time for testing the app idea. Before starting practical tests, you must concentrate on more theoretical ones below to see your market fit.

Analyze your competitors 

Yes, I know you already researched while providing an analysis of key competitors. However, looking at your competitors with a clear idea of your product lets you pay attention to other details you might miss. Therefore, don’t skip this step.

Create a business plan for your app idea

If mobile app development is your first step in entrepreneurship, you definitely need to create a business plan. The business plan is the face of your startup. It will help you to understand your business model and even get investments.

Think about your monetization model

In your business plan, it is important to include the vision of how you will get income from your idea. This information is not only needed for investors but also an additional chance to clearly think about how you will make money and test your business idea because any company will fail without profit. 

Discover your target audience

After formulating your app idea, you need to discover your target audience and segment of paying users. It is a very important step because your target audience will decide on your app details, like special buttons and designs.

Choose the naming for your app idea

Although it may seem unimportant, this step is actually essential. Naming, slogan, and design represent you to the world. You can brainstorm on it by yourself or pass it on to professionals. 

Learn about your mobile app specifics

Do you want your app to be connected to a website? Should it be developed on Android, IOS, or both? Make sure to learn about the foundations of app creation and the differences between mobile and desktop apps. You don’t need to become a developer, but it is useful to understand what you’re doing and why. As a founder of your app, you will need to push your business forward and come up with new ideas to improve your product, so it is worth knowing how it works.

Okay, we got through the preparation. Now you need to get ready for development.

Minimum Valuable Product (MVP)

Find a good team, especially an app developer, and create MVP. It will help you to evaluate your expenses and present your business plan with some proof. It is also worth noting that without a good MVP, it will be very difficult to get investments for an app idea. Before meeting the investors, you can also watch mobile app testing tutorials to be fully prepared.

Get investments for your app

This isn’t an easy step, I know. However, all ideas need money. Determine your available resources and the required ones to define the needed amount of money and how you will spend it. Present your business plan and MVP to the investors. If you are able to convince investors to invest in your project, your idea is actually great. 

Promote your app idea

Marketing provides communication between the customer and the company. To discover your best marketing place, you must pass different tests and execute a marketing strategy. Promote your app on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Make sure to check keywords before setting up promotion processes to achieve effective marketing. You should find a good marketer, but also do not forget to learn some basics yourself, at least marketing app metrics like CPI, CPA, and CTR, to be able to check the company results in numbers.

Launch your app product

Finally, after all tests have been passed, improve your MVP and show it to your whole target audience.

App creation is not easy, but it can become a profitable business with a huge field for realizing every idea. Therefore, go ahead and make your vision happen.


Created by Avgustyna Loiek