Today we will talk about how you can speed up the employment process. We will try to give only practical advice and help you take a bold step towards a new life stage. The main focus is on the IT-sphere, but the article will also be relevant for any other niche.


Often because of inexperience, applicants follow a rather primitive way: they find a resume template on the Internet, fill it in, register on the recruitment website, post a resume and just wait. Wait until the employer himself calls and offers good conditions. At best, browse new vacancies in his field and send them a resume. But this is not enough.

The main mistake is passivity, a waiting position. Probably, it was made for the first time much earlier, for example, in the learning process. Often teachers have connections with companies that need young specialists. If a person is active during the study process, communicates with teachers, is interested in vacancies, he is usually offered employment options. And it will be a mistake not to use this opportunity.


Many, especially large IT companies, often do not even post vacancies – there is simply no need for this. Because there are active applicants who regularly write to recruiters and send resumes themselves. They ask friends-recruiters immediately to report if there is an opportunity. If a vacancy is open, the recruiter knows who writes or calls. This is the correct active position.

It will be useful to make a table of companies there potentially you want to get a job. For each company, you should write out contacts for communication – recruiter’s email or Skype, as well as his name. You will interact with this person directly, and he is a person who decides to call you for an interview or not. Also, add the date of the last interaction and its result. For example, “asked to call in 2 weeks.”

Then, in each of them, regardless of whether there is information about open vacancies or not, you need to write a cover letter and offer yourself as an employee. Companies in the table should be sorted by rating and write them, starting from the end. Why? Few people pass the interview successfully the first time. This is the practice and experience that needs to be gained. Before you go to an interview and get a job in a company that is really interesting, you need to practice.


Now in chronology, we will go through the basic steps of preparing for an interview and successful employment.


This is a large topic, so we recommend reading our article “How to create a cool resume?”.


Be ready to write a cover letter. This increases your chances compared to people who do not write it or write something like “ready to work.” And enormously praises you in front of people who are waiting for their profile to be found on a lonely website dedicated to finding work.

Conventionally, the letter consists of the following parts:

Say hello. If the site contains information about the recruiter, refer to him by name.

It is worth introducing, expressing your desire and willingness to work, perhaps, in a nutshell, to indicate the experience in the field.

The letter must have a question. It is advisable to set it closer to the end. This is conducive to conversation and motivates a person to respond, to make contact.

A pleasant social form showing your politeness, education, and ability to communicate.


You should not send spam to the mail every day, even if you have not been answered within 5 days. Wait a week, then repeat. In this case, indicate in the cover letter that you really want to get a job and have already written, but since they did not answer, you take the liberty to do it again. If there is no response to emails, try Skype.

When you are told that there are no open vacancies at the moment, you need to thank the employee for the prompt reply. It is worth asking when a vacancy may appear and ask for a test task that can show your interest in work. But what to do if a company representative said that in the near future there will be no vacancies and there is no test task either? It is necessary to thank for this information and ask for a recruiter or a company in which the position can be opened now.


As a rule, companies easily give test tasks. It is likely that it will be difficult, and the timing is minimal or even unrealistic. Why is that? We think that this is simply the best way to weed out unsuitable people. Not everyone will be able to complete the task on time. But how will a person behave? Will he or she ask a clarifying question on the assignment? If he asks, what question will it be, how much is it thought out? Did the person try to solve the problem on their own? Unfortunately, many give up after reading the test task.


On the Internet you can find many questions that are asked at interviews, there is even a mobile application for training. For example, our Java Q&A application. On it or another worth practicing answers. It also makes sense to ask a couple of friends to have a gaming interview or find a real specialist who can do it and tell you what mistakes have been made. Also, be mentally prepared for two or even three people to interview you. Although stress interviews are less characteristic of IT people, in some companies they can be quite tough. Be ready.


Consider this situation: a person came for an interview, got excited and as a result showed himself badly. Is it all gone? You should write a letter to the company with gratitude for their time and opportunity to show yourself. And also indicate that this is exactly the company in which you want to work, but unfortunately, because of the excitement, you did not manage to show yourself properly and ask for a second chance or test task. If the interview was successful, such a letter also will not prevent – it will precisely highlight you from the whole mass of candidates.


In addition to active work with representatives of companies, it is worth using “career” social networks. The most popular one is Regardless of the field of activity, it is good to create an account in it and fill it well. We would recommend candidates from the IT-sphere also use an anonymous job search in the But specialized sites and Google have not been canceled.


For employment and new work in general, you need to be well prepared. We recommend you regularly read professional literature, which will also allow you to grow faster in the company after employment. There are special training and courses devoted to social development and career growth. In Ukraine, interesting classes are offered by Profi Business School.

Hopefully, we managed to be helpful to you. And what are the secrets of employment you are ready to share? Recommend courses or online services in the comments to the article.