Today there are different types of sites. A site itself is not a panacea. It doesn’t guarantee that your business will have customers. A site is a tool that solves a specific problem. If you just plan to get a website or if you want to review the relevance of an existing one – this article is for you.

We will choose between landing and multi-page website depending on your goals.


This type is a good option for info business and services. Using it, you can easily promote your events, webinars, courses, etc., because the main product you have is constantly changing, and it is easy to keep it inattention on the one-page site. Landing can also be appropriate for any other products, but only if the promotion is done with an emphasis on Internet marketing. a landing page is created to sell, sell and sell again.

If your product (whether it is a product or a service) has a short purchase cycle, and your goal is to sell more to more customers, a landing page is your strong point.

This is the most proven tool for fast online sales. However, keep in mind the nuance – as a rule, it is more difficult to advance the landing page with search engines. You will need the self-gain traffic. For this, you can use popular Internet marketing tools, for example, contextual advertising.


A corporate, or multi-page site is suitable for an already well-tuned and functional business. If you have already experienced the stage of fast and small sales and your promotion priority is PR, it makes sense to think about a corporate website with the ability to launch a blog, a page for reviews, cases and other content. The multi-page site emphasizes the business status and allows users to learn more about you while walking through its sections. You will be able to organize your products and inspire confidence. This site is also able to sell, but it was designed more for warm leads.

If the purchase cycle of your product is long, the customer will need more information, which he will find on the corporate website. If your business is related to the sale of goods in stock, an online store can be an excellent option.

Sites of this type are promoted by search engines for keywords, using unique content posted on it. The goal of all modern businessmen is to build a business with loyal regular customers and for a long time. The corporate site is your face and must have, if only you share this goal and aspiration.

To finally choose the appropriate option, you need to skip your business experience through a small checklist:

These are the main points that you need to learn. Have you answered your checklist questions? Now it will be easier for you to decide based on your own goals. Hopefully, this article has been helpful. Also, you can always ask for advice and development of any website type to our specialists. Because it may be difficult for you alone in this adventure.