Medicine of the future. Symbiosis of Health and Technology

Almost everything that surrounds us today has a relation to technology. Bread, car, website, etc. It’s all produced with the help of technology or even invented because of technological development. Technology supports us throughout our whole life. However, most of us can agree that it’s a very good phenomenon, especially when it influences such fields as Healthcare. The health industry connects with technology and creates amazing products that save many lives. We feel the progress and growth every day. So, what increase should we expect in the upcoming years?

What is the future of health technology?

Luckily, with constant human development, the relationship between technology and Healthcare only gets stronger. The prediction about medicine in the future is very positive, and we can expect new life-changing transformations. IT Health will adopt new modern technologies, and digital health will improve. Let’s take a closer look at new trends in medicine.

Digital Health

Digital Health combines the symbiotic relation of Technology and Healthcare. It includes eHealth (electronic health) and mHealth (mobile health), which create together Healthcare apps and websites we use every day, like Apple Health. Thanks to them, we get remote consultations with doctors, great support for making new healthy habits, and an opportunity to provide self-help by receiving relevant information. We can simply call it “urgent care near me”, which is very comfortable. This phenomenon was pushed forward during the pandemic and gained great popularity among people. Therefore, this health field will only continue to grow and improve.


In recent years, the use of automized technologies and robots in the health industry increased. They helped to change the outdated model of medicine to more personalized medicine or precision medicine by letting doctors see the inside body picture clearly. Therefore, we will definitely see more robots in medical centers in the future. Moreover, the machines like ultrasound tech will get much faster.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has become one of the top medical technologies that improved Healthcare a lot. Currently, we already see the implementation of this technology, like in using artificial organs and replacement limbs or in new methods to identify and prevent the disease. The adaptation of AI in Healthcare will only become more common and popular in the future. 

3D Prints

This relatively new technology quickly gained popularity in medicine. At the moment, 3D printers are most often used to print drugs. 3D-printed drugs are much faster to make. They have already received the title of future medicines, so there’s no wonder that future development will expand the use range of this technology in medicine. 


“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies,” Albert Einstein said. And now, his words have come to life and become a reality. Frequencies are used to heal the body and stimulate recovery by optimizing the energy meridians and vibrations. They can be realized in music and audio, like Binaural Beats. This Healthcare Technology path is also a great direction for development, as it’s not very common in today’s businesses. 

New data methods

It’s no secret that with the evolution of modern software, almost all institutions have switched their data record from paper to online. And Healthcare is no different. Now we see commonly used Electronic Medical Record System or EHR that lets to record all patients’ medical history online. After the pandemic, people started to recognize the weak sides of current EHR and invent new ideas, so we definitely should expect great improvement.

As you can see, technology in health care is constantly developing. You can find many fields for yourself to improve and change the future of health information technology. So, find your own connection with MedTech and join the Healthcare stakeholder community as an employer.


Created by Avgustyna Loiek