Surely you, as a businessman, are familiar with the situation when the result is needed as soon as possible. You want to implement the project and bring in specialists from the outside, but you don’t understand how much time and money you need to spend. And not sure that you can predict all the requirements. This is a normal situation, and a solution is already here.

In the modern world, outsourcing can be done in several ways. IT companies and agencies offer standard packages of fixed-price services, “packaged” for popular market needs. This implies the existence of well-defined deadlines and detailed requirements. But, as we remember, you don’t have either. Especially for such requests, many agencies also provide a non-template solution – the service of a dedicated team. What it is and for whom it will be useful – we will tell in our article.


When you need to implement a project, as a rule, you want to get comprehensive services. It is very difficult to find separately a reliable developer, designer or marketer, and even organize their work to be harmonious.

Surely you will also have to train them and become a mentor. But you don’t plan to increase spending money, time and the state itself. The question of lack of competence becomes acute. But today everything is possible – many agencies are ready to assemble a team for your request and to lead the project as your own, showing the result already in the first stages of work.

Developing and launching a new product is a challenging task that involves many steps. Each one requires a specific specialist who is competent in his field. A dedicated team can consist of a pool of professionals from different areas: developers, designers, testers, internet marketers, and others. Often, it also has a place for the project manager to ease the managerial workload of the client and ensure complete control.

The agency also performs the role of HR and independently searches for the missing specialists for specific tasks, promptly enters the project and trains.

What is your role at this stage? Usually, agencies quickly assemble a pool of resumes of professionals who are suitable for working on your project. You need to read the resume and chat with candidates. After approval, the team immediately starts to work without losing time. Often the basis of the team is people from the agency – already proven by time and complex projects. When a cohesive group of people “charged” with a common idea works on a project, the results of work will be unequivocally higher and more effective.

Payment for the project in this form of cooperation depends on the tasks and time spent on their decision, the level of technical specialists and management. While working on an unstable project in a fixed price format, you will often pay extra for endless edits.

Plus, you overpay for the risks that are embedded in any standard package of services. The model of a remote team will allow you to pay only for what the business really needs and clearly understand where the money is invested. You do not need to choose among the packages of services with a limited list of works – you will collect your personal package.


So, in which cases you should hire a team for your project:

This format is suitable if you don’t want to search for the right specialists on your own, but want to work with an already formed, streamlined and self-managing team. This approach reduces the time between the clarification of requirements and the start of technical work – you may not even have a technical task at some stages. You get high quality, control and long-term relationships with the team, immersed in the specifics of your request. At the same time, you reduce the costs of an office, an HR specialist, etc., which could cost you extra money, and invest in the development of your business.

Appreciate your time – implement your ambitious projects with the dedicated team. If you have any questions or a desire to attract a remote team, we will be happy to talk: