50 Best App Ideas for Startups to Launch in 2022

In the list of top startup trends, you will definitely find apps and certainly not in the last place. So, one of the answers to the question “how to find an idea for a startup?” will be “start an app project”. However, before creating an app and even starting mobile app development, you obviously need to come up with unique business ideas. But how do you actually find million-dollar app ideas?

Well, you have two ways: invest in someone’s tech startup ideas or encounter your own application ideas. Either path requires research. If you decided to search for original app ideas by yourself, read our guide on How to come up with an app idea and test it

However, whether you think about what apps to invent or what startups to invest in, you still have to understand modern technologies and trends. In this article, we have highlighted the most innovative and promising areas that are definitely worth a look at and will surely provide you with the 50 best app ideas. Let’s talk more specifically about each of them.

Artificial Intelligence

And we start from probably the most known technology – AI. Artificial intelligence is a technology that simulates the human brain in machines and lets them make independent decisions based on learning and analyzing information. In the last few years, AI gained massive popularity among consumers and producers, which is not surprising because humanity loves to optimize processes to waste less time, and, for example, AI applications make it possible in many fields. Therefore, it is a great background for most successful startup ideas.

1. Finance predictions app

As AI is basically machine learning, it can be successfully used in predicting changes in the stock market, which is very useful for people involved in finance operations. Finance can give many needed solutions, so you can definitely find new app ideas in this field.

2. Medical advisor

It is always good to have a medical advisor in your phone in emergency cases, then scroll through Google for some information. You can follow the Flo app that analyses a user’s data and provides advice or make a base with answers to most common questions, like what to do if you get burned. As you can see, ai in healthcare is not new, but you can still find important apps to build.

3. Plant growing app

Artificial Intelligence’s modern approach can influence every part of our life. Use computer vision for plant condition recognition, and the app will give users instructions on how to grow their plants. 

4. AI Photo Editing app

With the rise of social media, photos have become representatives of people. Therefore, this idea has great potential. Not many editing apps use AI, but it can sensibly save users’ time and provide excellent results.

5. Calorie counter app

Nutrition apps are top-rated nowadays as healthy lifestyles have become a long-term trend. AI can analyze the dish by words and count calories, or you can use computer vision to recognize the food by the photo to ease the process for the user.

6. AI news portal

As you know, there are many news portals worldwide, both internet and paper ones. However, even though people want to see the news, their preferences may differ. Moreover, there are a lot of media, so they have to go to many platforms to find the news they are interested in. Therefore, an app that can gather everything they need in one place can be a great solution. Use AI to select the news and article based on user’s preferences, just like Netflix does with movies and series.

7. AI Art

AI can help everyone become an artist. You can create an app that lets users design art with words that AI transforms into a picture, like the Wonder Dream app.

8. E-commerce app

Use AI in your e-commerce app to provide personalized products for your customer. You can also use AI in fraud or fake review detection.

9. AI mentor

We all want to grow: in careers, soft skills, relationships, etc. Make AI a mentor for your users that will provide them with a tremendous developing plan, notifications to learning, and maybe even test to examine themselves on, for example, a book they need to learn or an educational video.

10. Voice assistant

We know that giants like Amazon and Google already develop this idea. However, try to think about it in another direction. You can make an AI psychologist who always has good advice during stress or even a virtual friend who will talk with the user when he is lonely. You can read our finding idea for an app guide to move forward with this concept.

IoT – Internet of Things

The following technology we will look at is the Internet of Things. It is a network that connects different devices we use every day. It exchanges the data with the devices over the internet by IoT applications or IoT platforms and makes them “smart.” 

1. Smart house machinery

Smart homes are the most common specialization for IoT. However, people will always need to make their homes as comfy as possible, so this direction is also profitable. Use IoT to connect all household management machinery, making your users’ lives easier.

2. Smart agricultural system

Farmers have many processes in their work. Therefore, it would be helpful to shorten their list of tasks by creating a smart agricultural system with IoT devices that can be controlled from a phone, like planning automatic irrigation at the desired time.

3. Smart home

Connecting every smart part of the house, like lights and doors, through one phone app is an excellent solution for a comfortable life.

4. Child smart system

Improving parenting is a needed process for many people. Create a baby monitoring system that can be monitored from a phone, like a smart cradle with a temperature and wet detector. 

5. Safety system

Unfortunately, thieves and other bad people still exist. Therefore, good home protection is essential today, and great IoT projects can provide a great solution. You can combine IoT and AI by making a smart safety system that will send notifications to your user’s phone about danger or even automatically call the police.

6. Liquid and gas indicator system

Another major system with great demand potential is liquid, gas, fire, and other substances’ indicator. It can work the same way as a safety system and provide the automatic function of calling for special services. Such an app may be useful for travelers and people that work full-time or cannot stay home often.

7. Pet’s tracking location app

Such an app can become essential in everyday life of a pet owner. Besides localization, you can also add temperature and heartbeat indicators that will be useful not only in emergency cases.

8. Online pleasure toys

With the rise of freedom and education worldwide, the sex industry began to develop rapidly, which society actively supports. Nowadays, people use toys not only for pleasure but also for health. Therefore, this is an exciting industry to try IoT technology. Connect products to an app that can be controlled from long distances, or combine it with NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology that recognizes words and make the connection between users even stronger. 

9. Online pet feeding

Use IoT for pet feeding. Provide an option for automatization or plan feeding and the “Feed” button that allows feeding in real-time mode. You can combine it with pet water or even treats. Make sure your app and device work long distances because it will be useful for travelers and full-time workers.

10. Anti rodents app

Many households can struggle with rodents, insects, and other unwanted creatures. Connect your app with sensors that will notify users about rats or wasp danger and show their exact location on house territory. Use a mobile app for comfortable monitoring IoT devices.

Online banking

Money has accompanied people for many centuries, and even now, they play an essential role in our lives. The pandemic accelerated the digitization of many areas, and the financial field was no exception. As this online banking becomes very popular, it is obviously profitable to come up with app ideas.

1. Financial Assistant

In many countries, people lack financial literacy learning, so having a Financial Assistant in your phone can be very popular. You can also combine this idea with AI that will monitor users’ costs, give advice and provide information about important financial operations or definitions, like deposits and investments.

2. Net banking app

People want fast solutions. Net banking, or eBanking, is basically a mobile app that provides banking services. Every service is provided online, right through your phone, with no queues. Doesn’t it sound like a dream?

3. Money Transfer

in modern times, people have minimum borders and many possibilities, but still different values. Money transfer apps help solve this problem.

4. Bills app

People will always need to pay their bills. This process is not easy for many. Therefore, an app can help solve this problem and become users’ favorite.

5. Online payment system

PayPal, PayU, GooglePay. They all have great success because of online shopping, which will only increase in the future. Therefore, this may be a great opportunity for your business. However, we named only one of the types of the electronic payment system. If you are interested in this topic, provide good research on it.

6. Investment app

Everything related to investments has great potential. It can be a learning app, investment platform, or gathering different investing opportunities. Just give users instruments for investing.

7. App for crypto exchanging

The Crypto community is spreading all over the world with great speed. Therefore, crypto manipulations are popular among people. Similarly, just give them the instrument for making crypto operations.

8. Finance management app for entrepreneurs

This idea is similar to Financial Assistant but has a difference. You see, not every business person has big companies and accountants who will be managing all the taxes. Many entrepreneurs need to do it by themselves, so an app that will make this process easy is a great idea.

9. Loan lending and credit app

Again: people want fast solutions. As you know, getting a loan or credit is a very time-consuming task. However, very often, people need it immediately. So, the app will be the best solution for them.

10. Crowdfunding app

Crowdfunding is a great method of getting money to finance projects and businesses. It helps fundraisers gather money from many people via online platforms. Most often, users of such platforms are startups or growing businesses as a way of accessing alternative funds. 


Have you heard that the internet is on sale? This joke appeared when NFT became massively favored. NFT (Non-fungible tokens) is a blockchain technology that equates digital things with real ones. NFT allows buying ownership of real-world assets such as art, music, in-game goods, etc. Not everyone still understands NFT meaning in the world, but this field can still give you new cool app ideas.

1. NFT Checker

Let users check their desirable NFT art by, for example, token ID. You can also add the option of price showing and comparing, so the users have full information or could even find the most expensive NFT products.

2. NFT Finder

Create an app that will allow getting information if any digital product users find on the internet sells on NFT platforms. It can also provide links to users on each marketplace or product.

3. NFT marketplace

Yes, we know that OpenSea is the largest NFT platform. However, it is still worth joining this field and maybe becoming a competitor in this marketplace. 

4. Painting and editing app

Connect your painting or editing video and photo app to the NFT marketplace. This lets people create art and automatically transfer it to the NFT marketplace, automating the artists’ process.

5. NFT Learning app

Combine the app with AI technology and make an assistant for NFT operations or a learning guide with constant tips and trends for NFT users.

6. NFT loaning app

Similarly to banks, NFT users sometimes may need loans to buy, for example, NFT digital art. As NFT only gets stronger popularity among people, such an app will be very apropos.

7. NFT community app

Naturally, people are communal creatures. That is why we love finding like-minded people and joining communities, and NFT users are no different. Hence, create an app that will connect NFT brokers or NFT buyers. You can make it by type of forum, social media, like Twitter, or even blogs, where people can share their NFT stories and experiences.

8. NFT wallet

To make NFT operations, people actually need a wallet for their NFT coins. Therefore, this great app idea can be essential for NFT users.

9. NFT game

Create a game where users will be able to buy characters or different items for NFT. 

10. NFT music 

Similarly to a photo and video editing app, you can develop a music creation app. Such an app can be very useful for musicians who come up with brilliant ideas in different places and provide them mobility and let to share music with NFT users right in the app.


Nowadays, gaming apps are spread all over the world. We play them at home to relax, at school to study, and even work to improve teamwork. Therefore, this field is a great business path.

1. Mind training games

It is great to have the time to de-stress with a game. However, lots of people like to train their minds while relaxing. Moreover, they often become very competitive with such games as Tetris. So, think about creating “find the differences” puzzles or rebuses games that will combine fun with exercise. Do not forget that those games often are valuable because they are usually counted as offline games. Another great example of this game field is the popular game Candy Crush

2. Children’s games

Generation Z grows in a completely new world and, from diapers, learns how to click phone buttons. Furthermore, parents and teachers use games in education, and children often are free to play games as much as they want. Therefore, try making games for kids, and you will going to love the process because the more colors and imagination you put in there, the better!

3. Choose-your-own-adventure games

This type of game become very popular during the pandemic. People were tired of films and series, so they created their own stories with choices games where they were the character. However, the trend remains hot, thus, this is the best time to implement this idea.

4. Sports games 

Sports are always in trend. Therefore, sports games will stay popular for a long time. You can add to your game famous sports players to make the game even more enjoyable.

5. A role-playing games (RPG)

This is basically a game where the user chooses a character that can interact with the game world. It usually requires decision-making from gamers, which makes them spend a lot of time in a game. Therefore, this type of game is very profitable. Moreover, you would be able to create your unique world and let your imagination go beyond the regular globe.

6. Action games

Action games are very similar to action movies. Characters experience physical challenges, and users need to use their reactions and hand-eye coordination. This type includes fighting and shooter games.

7. Simulations

Simulation games closely remind the real world. They can be combined with RPG or action. Examples of simulation games are farming and restaurant games or Sim City.

8. Racing games

Racing games differ from sports games in their unique format. In racing games, the user drives, for example, a car or bike from the driver’s view, which creates the feeling of real racing. However, the character can also run or jump. This game type may seem very common, but the fact that such games like Subway Surfers all years remain popular in games stores proves that it is worth having such a game in your entrepreneur’s collection.

9. Cart games

Cart games have become classic because they have been on top for many centuries. You can find a unique game in your country and realize it, or add something special to already common ones.

10. Board 

It may seem like a simple app idea, but it is actually very popular, especially among youth and families. People do not need to carry board games with them all the time because they have them as entertainment apps on their phones: very comfortable.

So, here we go: you just received 50 good ideas for apps. There are only two steps left: choose the best app to make and actually create it. And you know what? We are ProArea digital agency that provides app development and UX/UI design with high-level quality. Therefore, you are in the right place! We are here to consult you and make your every idea real. Contact us, and we will help you implement your ideas for the mobile app.


Created by Avgustyna Loiek