Fintech mobile apps: main trends to keep an eye on

The financial industry is one of the world’s most essential industries, which has existed for centuries and helped people grow mentally. Today we see fast development of a new breath of Fintech. The beginning of 2023 is the best time to discuss trends. Find the industry trend list below.


Of course, any tech trend list won’t be complete without Artificial Intelligence. This technology truly gave the world a new path, and FinTech definitely is not an exclusion. Practically, Artificial I6te3ntelligence is an excellent solution for predictions that are based on data or trace finances, using, for example, ML technology for financial markets, company or personal budgets, etc. You can use all AI technologies, like NLP for chatbots, which saves money on customer support, or Recognition for security that protects your users’ data. Qualitative finance AI-based solutions can make your app unique and very practical, which, in turn, will definitely gain popularity among users.


Implementing mini-games or gaming elements in your FinTech app is a great trend for customer care. You can combine gaming features with cashback, bonuses, or rewards. This helps to make regular, for example, banking apps a fascinating mini world where people can feel relaxed. Nonetheless, finances may create stress or pressure on users, so having fun or enjoyable gamification solution in your app can attract new customers.


This trend acquitted very well after the pandemic. What is a Neobank? Neobank is a fully online bank that doesn’t have brunches and provides financial services through an e-banking app. An excellent example is the Ukrainian Monobank which became one of the top fintech banks in the country and shook the financial sector. Such a digital banking solution saves money for the founder by eliminating the need to build customer centers. It also makes users’ life extremely comfortable just by saving them time.

P2P Payments

Peer to Peer Payments also became very popular during the pandemic. However, now it has become essential as a convenient mobile app solution. The most common example is, of course, Google Pay, but there is still space for brainstorming and making something new. You can combine P2P payment with AI or cryptocurrency solutions and implement new FinTech products for E-commerce, for instance. Just think about how you can make the payment even more practical or what is being missed in such products of top fintech companies.

NFT and crypto operations

It’s not a secret that digital currencies and assets have become an important area of the FinTech world. Therefore, combining your FinTech new application idea with, for example, NFT digital solutions and in-app transactions, like crypto payments, can make your app a kind of substitute for your users’ mostly used financial apps. You can read about NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) meaning in our article “50 Best App Ideas for Startups to Launch”.

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